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A New System of 10 Tools that help Mental Health Problems, & Overcome Present System Weaknesseses.

In 2024 the Most Helpful Mental Healthcare Aids would include
1) An App that any Troubled Person can easily download onto their phone tablet or computer, that asks & processes what they Want/Need that’s missing in them & their life, & what they Want/Need to get rid of that’s troubling them, & instantly Reports what would help them most to achieve those things +
2) A website & 80 to 100 1minute videos that cover everything in this field that anyone could need to know & understand, in an easy to find & simple clear form, that can be read or watched at anytime, anywhere, as often as needed, & free or at a low cost.

Our New 10 Tool System is:
1) The Mental A2Z Fixit App you can download to your phone or other screen & often, in 3 to 7 minutes, anywhere anytime, can tap your choice out of 4 answers to questions about all the things you Want/Need that you might be missing in yourself & your life, & all the things you might Want/Need to get out of yourself or your life.
The App gives you an instant Report so you quickly understand your Mental Health & any Substance Abuse Problems you have & which of our over 80 1minute Videos, & which Therapies & Medicines will help you most.
The earlier you understand & start fixing problems & their causes the easier that is. The longer you have to wait for consultations the harder it gets.
2) Over 80 Under-a-Minute Videos at MentalHealthVideosA2Z.com to choose from, on all the main Mental Health, Habit, Substance Abuse & Addiction & related Problems. My 1 st 9minute Video 8 years ago had 10,000 viewings in 9months but people now mostly only watch very short videos so I added 62 Under-a-Minute Videos with more coming.
Everyone we have email addresses for will receive an emailed Video every 4 to 5days to keep them up to date with the latest information.
3) Short Explanatory Comments about main Mental Health Habit & Addiction Problems, in the App Reports & Video Texts.
4) www.MentalHealthVideosA2Z.com which covers this whole field.
5) Non-addictive Calmfast-3, -6 & -12, UpFast-60 &-100, AngerFix-3, -6 & -12, TobaccoFix-3 & -6 & other fast acting very convenient low-cost Flavoured Combination Powder Medicines that give comprehensive relief from a) Suffering b) the Causes of the Suffering & c) from Relapses.
6) Pocket Powder Dispensers you can very conveniently carry, that enable dosing with Powder Medicines & Taste Conditioning Powders in seconds, anytime, anywhere, in exact personal best dose sizes.
7) Tasty &Nasty Non-Medicine Taste Conditioning Powders for making & breaking Habits, & to make medicines work faster &better, & as Harmless Pleasure alternatives to the many tasty harmful things people put in their mouth.
8) Heart Beat Meditation Aids – $25 shortened Doctors stethoscopes that enable you to focus on your very interesting loud Heart Sounds & forget all your troubles & Meditate even when you’re very distressed, which is when Meditation helps most.
9) A Build the Healthy Happy Mind You Want Program that enables “Crashed” people to understand their potentials then build the Healthy Happy Mind they decide they Want.
10) A Rapidly Replicating Clinics System where people from all over the World come to learn to help troubled people using this program, then start new Clinics in their Countries Worldwide.