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Get Mentally Healthy & Happy, & Free from Craving & Addictions WITH 4 EASY LOW-COST TOOLS

1) Non-Addictive Fast-Acting Combination Tasty Powder Medicines
TONGUE ABSORBED POWDER Medicines start working 10 times faster than SWALLOWED GUT ABSORBED TABLETS & CAPSULES, almost as fast as an injection, then their great taste conditions your Chemistry & they start working in seconds as soon as you taste them, quickly cutting Suffering Craving & Addictions.
Powder Medicines cost less than Tablets &Capsules & 3 Powders are easily mixed into a Combination that can very conveniently make you healthier & feel better in 4 ways all at the same time at a low cost. Combinations can 1) cut Mental Suffering 2) cut the Causes of that suffering 3) cut Addictions caused by that Suffering & 4) Prevent Relapses simultaneously at a far lower cost than 3 tablets or capsules.
Your Mental Fixit App Reports advise which Combination will best fix your particular kind of Mental Suffering, Craving & Addiction & will also prevent Relapses.
2) Pocket Powder Medicine Dispensers
Pocket Powder Medicine Dispenser convenience enables dosing in seconds anytime anywhere, & enables easily varied dose sizes to allow for differences in peoples’ weight, absorption, severity of sickness, rate of metabolism & excretion.
3) The Mental Fixit App
See The MentalFixit App Video & Download the App from the App Store or soon from Google Play onto a phone or tablet, then later there’ll be a laptop version.
In under 10 minutes answer questions about every important thing you Want/Need to Get, or to Get Rid Of, to have a Better Life – with each question simply tap ‘No’ ‘Moderate’ or ‘Severe’.
You’ll get an instant Report showing what all your problems are, in order of importance, with scores, & the under-a-minute Videos you can immediately watch for the most help.
You can immediately share your Report with Doctors &/or others.
Repeat this App check often & a Reports Graph will show your progress, so you can instantly see If you are getting better & if not the treatments may need to be changed.
Aim to get more & more things fixed 1 at a time, until everything is fixed, & you’re truly Healthy & Happy.
4) 77 under a minute Videos
Your App Reports list those 6 of our 77 under-a-minute Videos to immediately click on, to in under 10 minutes get a good understanding of & great help with all your special problems.