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Get Mentally Healthy & Happy, & Free from Craving & Addictions WITH 4 EASY LOW-COST TOOLS

1) The Mental Fixit App
See The MentalFixit App Video & Download the App from the App Store or soon from Google Play onto a phone or tablet, then later there’ll be a laptop version.
In under 10 minutes answer questions about every important thing you Want/Need to Get, or to Get Rid Of, to have a Better Life – with each question simply tap ‘No’ ‘Moderate’ or ‘Severe’.
You’ll get an instant Report showing what all your problems are, in order of importance, with scores, & the under-a-minute Videos you can immediately watch for the most help.
You can immediately share your Report with Doctors &/or others.
Repeat this App check often & a Reports Graph will show your progress, so you can instantly see If you are getting better & if not the treatments may need to be changed.
Aim to get more & more things fixed 1 at a time, until everything is fixed, & you’re truly Healthy & Happy.
2) 77 under-a-minute Videos
Your App Reports list those 6 of our 77 under-a-minute Videos to immediately click on, to in under 10 minutes get a good understanding of & great help with all your special problems.
3) Non-Addictive Fast Acting Combination Powder Medicines
See The Great Advantages of Tasty Tongue Absorbed Powder Medicines Video. TONGUE ABSORBED POWDER MEDICINES start working 10 times faster than SWALLOWED GUT ABSORBED MEDICINES, then their great flavour causes Taste Conditioning of your Chemistry & the Medicines start working in seconds, as soon as you taste them.
Powder is lower cost than tablets & capsules. And 2 or 3 powder medicines are easily mixed into a Combination that very conveniently at the same time at a low cost 1) cuts Mental Suffering, 2) cuts the Causes of that suffering 3) cuts Addictions caused by that Suffering & 4) Prevents Relapses.
Your App Reports recommend the best Combination of Medicines for you. See the different Powder Medicine Combination Videos at
4) Pocket Powder Medicine Dispensers
Pocket Powder Medicine Dispenser convenience enables dosing in seconds anytime anywhere, & enables easily varied dose sizes to allow for differences in peoples’ weight, absorption, severity of sickness, rate of metabolism & excretion.